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Posted by laurakinney on 2006.09.07 at 00:00
Welcome X-fans one and all to Young X-men. I think we have a whole lot of great story potential in this place and encourage anyone who is interested to join us and give it a try. The RPing as you may or may not know is going on on the friends pages of the character's live journal and this community. We have had some very nice character interactions thus far and i promise lots of action in the future. The basic ground rules for characters are simple. You may have two student characters. If you have two... one must be original and one must actually be from the comics. we are allowing some cannon character age flexibility but not complete freedom. for example you could make a mem,ber of Generation X like Jubilee or Chamber a student but not a New Mutant like Wolfsbane or Magma. Anyone older than that is of course also not allowed to be a student. certain players whom have proven themselves and can be trusted will be allowed a teacher character in addition to the students. However the teachers are just plot devices and there for training and punishments and the like. The students are the main concern of this RP. I have come up with a class schedule to give us a better understanding of a day at Xavier's school. when you are accepted you will be sent a copy of this. Please choose what age and therefor year of highschool for you student and get a feel for that characters schedule including his or her electives. More specifics and guidelines on profiles and the like to come.


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